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Future of medicine - Artificial intelligence and genome sequencing

Artificial intellience and genome sequencing are the two most important technological advances which will change the way medicine is organised. Medicine is becoming and will continue to be more personal, with a strong focus on early detection and prevention. Importatly, medicine will create many more additional jobs of future to accomodate this need and therefore its urgent to get the younger generation involved and informed. 

I will present new frontiers in AI in medicine including diagnosis of heart disease from echocardiograms, eye disorders from retinal scans to generating 3D scans of cancer tumours as well as frontiers in DNA sequencing enabling detection of causal factors of inherited disorders. 

(in English)

Anagha Joshi, førsteamanuensis, Klinisk institutt 2, Det medisinske fakultet

Jusbygget, Seminarrom 1, 11.15 - 12.00


Anagha Joshi