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Are there alternatives to neoliberal growth models in a globalized world economy?

The lecture will highlight different perspectives on the neoliberal growth strategy. Is there an alternative to it, and why do different economic perspectives present such sharply contrasting answers to this question? A key novelty of the lecture will be to highlight and explain the reasons for the following observation: Surprisingly, both free market economists and marxists are skeptical regarding the viability of an alternative to neoliberalism. How do social democrats, who do indeed believe that a viable alternative exists (and had successfully existed in the past) defend their arguments in the face of rebuttals from both the right and further left ends of the political spectrum?

The session will consist of 40 minutes of lecture, ten minute break, and 40 minutes of Q&A, affording the participants the opportunity to direct me to elaborate upon key themes of the lecture which they find to be of most relevance and interest for them. I also intend to place particular emphasis upon pedagogical tips by addressing the following challenge: How can we most effectively teach material like this (which is rigorous logically and contentious politically) in a manner which is both comprehensible as well as balanced in its treatment of rival ideological/political/theoretical perspectives?

The lecture will be held in English.

Førsteamanuensis Michael Alvarez, Institutt for sammenlignende politikk

Michael Alvarez
Studentsenteret, Auditorium "Egget"