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The impact of perceptions on centre-periphery relations and mergers on voting in kommuner and fylker elections in Norway

The recent elections to kommuner and fylker councils in Norway of September 2019 generated two remarkable outcomes. First, the rise of the party Folkeaksjonen Nei til mer bompenger and, second, the continuing decline of the vote share for the Arbeiderpartiet. Interestingly, the first outcome was most notable in urban areas whereas the second outcome was especially prominent in the northern fylker. During this presentation insights will be shared from a research project that delves into the motivations of voters to cast their vote in a fylke or kommune election to gain a better understanding of the territorial variation in regional and local election outcomes. In particular, the presentation will highlight the impact of voter perceptions on centre-periphery relations (i.e. Oslo and the rest of Norway) and of citizen opinions regarding merging kommuner and fylker. The objective of the lecture is to give the audience a more in depth understanding of voting in Norway.

The presentation will be held in English.

Forsker Arjan Schakel, Institutt for sammenlignende politikk

Arjan Schakel
Studentsenteret, Auditorium "Egget"